We are a world-class research centre focused on sustainability and the challenges and opportunities it presents. Based within the University of Edinburgh’s Business School, our aim is to advance current understanding of the business-society interface and equip leaders with the requisite skills to contribute to positive social change.

Our Activities

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    At the heart of SBI are our research projects. We aim to produce thought provoking insights which influence academia, business and policy.

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    Industry Engagement

    We work closely with UK and international organisations – linking academia and business to embed sustainability.

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    We teach students a variety of courses in subjects related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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    Executive Education

    Since our inception, SBI has successfully delivered a wide range of tailored executive courses that have inspired leaders from across the globe.

  • Seminar Series

    Seminar Series

    SBI has frequent seminars with leading sustainability thinkers who are hosted at the Business School and present to students and the business community.

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    Academic Publications

    SBI’s team have an impressive collection of published academic journals which have contributed substantially to advancing the sustainability agenda.